The Encumbered amount is incorrect when added a payment is split with benefits

A  user may notice that a donation on a Donor Challenge has the incorrect encumbered amount, when benefits exist.
When a donor challenge has the matching portion set to 'Tax deductible amount only' the encumbered amount is calculated on the receipt amount of the overall gift.  This is because the receipt amount is tied to the overall revenue record and the application splits on the revenue.

Example:  Donor Challenge is created to match tax deductible amounts to the Annual Fund.  A gift is enter for $200 split with $100 going towards the Annual Fund and $100 going towards the Building Fund.  Their is also a benefit of $30 added to the gift setting the receipt amount to $170.  The donor challenge is updated and the gift to the Annual Fund is added but the encumbered amount is $85.  This is because the gift is split 2 ways and the amount is calculated based on the receipt amount of $170.  

As a workaround you can manually edit to adjust the encumbered amount to the full split amount. 


 3.0.516, patch 54

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