Gifts from Unknown Donor appear in the Luminate Online plug in for The Raiser’s Edge

Users may find gifts listed with a name of Unknown Donor in the Luminate Online plug in. These Unknown Donors usually have an address listed, and may also be listed as Pending . If they are listed as Pending, it’s not possible to reject the gifts, and clicking on View Unprocessed Constituent may or may not show an actual constituent to link the gift to.
This can occur if the constituent record that was listed in the plug in was deleted or rejected before the gift made it to the Gifts & Registrations portion of the plug in. To resolve this issue:
  1. Access the Constituent record linked to the gift in Luminate Online (this may need to be done by searching for the constituent by address or by searching for the gift itself)
  2. Make a small edit to the record’s biographical information, such as to the middle name, maiden name, nickname, or address fields. This edit can be reversed later
  3. This will dirty the constituent record and resend it to the Luminate Online plug in
  4. Access the plug in and process the constituent record changes
  5. Check the Gifts & Registrations portion of the plug in, where the gift should now have a name

If this does not resolve your issue, in Luminate Online, go to Data Management > Luminate Management > Queue Status. If there are any numbers in the Pending column that do not go away after a few hours, reach out to Luminate Online support for assistance.



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