Step 1: Create the form​
  1. Select Communications > Mail Specific Features > “Opt-Out E-mail/eNewsletter” Form. The “Opt-Out E-mail/eNewsletter” Form page appears.
  2. Click New. The Complete Form Info page appears.
  3. Configure the Complete Form Info page.

Step 2: Configure the form
  1. Highlight the form’s name from the list and select Website Info. The Event Website Creation Checklist page appears.
  2. Click Form Layout. The Form Layout – Step 1 of 1 page appears.
  3. Configure the form’s layout.
  4. Click Form Content. The Content page appears.
  5. Configure the form’s content.
  6. Click Form Customization. The Customize Forms page appears.
  7. Customize the Opt-Out form.

Step 3: Test the form (including updating, previewing, and activating)
  1. In the Event Website Creation Checklist, click Preview for Actions.
  2. Click Update Your Event Now, and confirm that you want to update the form.
  3. For Web address, click Go.
  4. Click OK in the pop up window that appears. The form opens in a browser window.
  5. Preview the form to make sure you are satisfied with it.
  6. When done, close the browser and return to the Event Website Creation Checklist page.
  7. For Friendly web address, click Edit to open the Create Friendly URL page.
  8. Enter your friendly URL in the text box, if necessary, and then click Submit.
             The http:// and are already entered for you. You only need to specify the address and page to open (for example, You would supply the       www.mysite and myunsubscribe.htm information. If the friendly URL is successfully accepted, you will see the following message displayed: Congratulations, your friendly URL is
  9. Click Webinfo Checklist in the Breadcrumb.
  10. Verify that Friendly web address now contains your friendly URL. You are now ready to activate the site so that it is available for you to use with E-mail and eNewsletter campaigns.
  11. For Actions, click Activate.
  12. Click Update Your Event Now, and confirm that you want to update the form.
  13. Open a browser window and test the URL. You may need to wait a few minutes before you can view the site.
  14. Add the form to E-mail, eNewsletter, or Sequential eMail campaigns.