As of version 1.4.5423, the Luminate Online plug in now shows gifts from unprocessed constituents within the plug in. In previous versions, these gifts would not appear in the plug in until the constituent record was processed. With the newer version, the gift will appear in the plug in as Pending. This means that the constituent record has not yet been created via processing through the plug in. Gift records cannot exist without Constituent records, so we must process the Constituent record on the Constituent side of the plug in first.
  1. Click on View the unprocessed constituent
  2. This will take you to the constituent record in the plug in
  3. Make changes as necessary and process the record 
  4. Return to Gifts & Registrations in the plug in
  5. Process the gift 
Note: If the Pending gifts appear with "Unknown Donor" listed for the name, follow these troubleshooting steps.