How to add a planned gift in the Prospects tab

This solution includes step on how to enter a planned gift in the Prospects Tab of Altru. 
Add the Constituent as a Major Giving Prospect
  1. Go to the Constituent Record
  2. Go to the Personal Info Tab 
  3. Go to the Constituencies Sub Tab.
  4. Click Add and add the constituency of Major Giving Prospect
Add a Plan
  1. Next, go to the Prospect Tab on the Constituent's record. 
  2. On the Plans tab, click Add to add a new plan. 
  3. Name your Plan.
  4. Under Plan Type, select a plan type of Planned Gift (Note: The Plan Type will show on your Prospect Plan Analysis Report. If you need to enter a more specific type of planned gift to show on the report (for example: Bequest, Annuity, etc.) you can select that under Plan Type). 
  5. Add any additional details under Narrative. 
  6. Under Start Date, enter the date you were notified of the Planned Gift. 
  7. Add any necessary Plan Managers or Participants. 
  8. On the Steps tab, add any solicitation or stewardship steps necessary. 
  9. Save the Plan. 
Add an Opportunity to record details about the gift
  1. Next, on the plan record, go to the Opportunities Tab
  2. Click Add to add a new opportunity
  3. Under Status, select the status of the gift depending on the donors intentions. For example, if your donor has confirmed the will be giving your organization a planned gift, you may use Accepted. 
  4. Under Opportunity Type, select the Opportunity Type. Opportunity Type is a code table that can be customized to your organization's needs. Typically, the Opportunity Type will be the vehicle in which the gift is coming (for example: Bequest, Annuity) or what the gift will be designated for (For example, Endowment)
  5. Depending on the status, enter the expected amount under Expected ask amount or ask amount. 
  6. Depending on the status, enter the Date under Ask Date or Response Date. 
  7. Depending on the status, enter any designations. 
  8. Enter any comments for this opportunity in the Comments field. 
  9. Click Save. 
When you recieve the funds, add a payment and link the payment to this opportunity. 



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