In Reports, you can run the Applicant/Student Status Report to provide status information for selected applicants or students. (Status information is stored on applicant/student records in Records Management.) You can use the report to provide periodic reports to the admissions committee, print hard copy reports to include in an applicant/student's folder, and report the updated statuses of students at the end of an academic year.
  1.   In Admissions Office, Go to Reports > Applicant Reports and Choose "Applicant Status Report"
  2.   On the General Tab, choose between Active Applications or Active and Inactive Applications
  3.   Choose your date range for 'Date Changed' and 'Status Date'
  4.   If desired, you can mark the checkbox to create an output query of applicants
  5.   Utilize the filters tab if we want to filter on specific applicant records
  6.   Access the columns tab in order to choose what column and information you want to be output on the report
  7.  To sort the report, go to the Format Tab and go to Sort/Break and choose how you would like to order the report
  8.  Preview the report to confirm all information is output correctly
  9.  If you want to adjust the name format of the records, go to the Format Tab and select 'Name Formats' and you can choose to pull the addressee/salutation from Configuration or from the Applicant Record.