When a new bank is created or an existing bank needs to be available for use in sub modules, such as Accounts Payable or Payroll, the sub module must be added in the ‘By Use’ section of the bank.

1.   In Financial Institutions, select Maintenance and open the bank.
2.   Select the Account tab.
3.   Select the Radio button of By Use.
4.   Click Add.
5.   Choose the module from the drop down and click OK.
6.   Enter the required information to complete the module-specific window.  It can be helpful to review this screen in another bank to view how the fields are completed.  The Accounts Payable User Guide, Volume 1, has more detail information regarding each field in this screen and how to complete.
7.   Click Apply and OK.
8.   Select File, Exit to close FundWare.
9.   Log back in to FundWare and select the module.
10.  The new bank will be listed as an option for the module.