An account ID should be included with each record in both files. This is the mechanism for linking the information.

Send a flat file that is either fixed-length or comma-separated (.txt or .csv files).
Use a 4-digit year format for all data fields (11/29/1999).

Files should be named as follows: <SiteID>_<Sitename>_<FileType>.txt

Please send layouts for both your account-related and transaction history files. If your file includes field labels that are non-descriptive (e.g. “attribute1”), provide definitions for the field names.

Please provide definitions for codes, especially source codes. If applicable, please also provide translations for values in a particular field (e.g. an “N” in the “mail code” field = not solicitable).

If you are unsure about whether Target Analysis will need a particular field, please include it anyway. It is easier for us to ignore a field than for you to create and send another file if we are missing a field containing important data.

If you have any questions, please contact

File 1: Account-Related Data
The account-related file should contain ALL donors on your system. You may also choose to include prospects and other non-donor populations. Transfer all account-related information in ONE file, with as many of the following fields for which you have data.



Account ID

Unique ID for each person or organization



First Name


Middle Name


Last Name



If record is an Organization or Foundation



Date of Birth

format: 12/31/1999





Marital Status


No Valid Address


Requests No Email






Deceased Date


Household Record ID

For systems that have household records

Household Full Name

For systems that have household records


Spouse Record ID


Spouse Prefix


Spouse First Name


Spouse Middle Name


Spouse Last Name


Spouse Suffix


Spouse has No Valid Address


Spouse Requests No Email


Spouse is Inactive


Spouse is Deceased


Spouse Is Constituent