Yes, if the constituent is able to view the survey and complete it, then it will put them in to Center B. If this is not the desired outcome, then the security category of Center B needs to be adjusted so that it is not visible to site visitors, or members of Center A. This can be done by adjusting the Content Viewing permissions for that security category. Follow the steps below to do this:
  1. Go to Setup > select Security Categories
  2. Click on the name of the security category for center B
  3. Select the Green Category Permissions tab at the top
  4. Select the dropdown menu next to "What type of permissions do you want to edit?" and adjust it to Content Viewing
  5. Click Choose
  6. Click "show all groups"
  7. Browse through this list of groups and look for Site Visitors and the name of your center A group
  8. If you find the groups, then adjust them to "Cannot View Content in the category (security category)"
  9. If you do not find the groups, then click "Show only overrides" and then click "Add an override"
  10. Select the Group Type of your center A group (or Site Visitors) and then select the Group Name from the dropdown menu
  11. Mark the option for "Cannot View Content in the category (security category)"
  12. Click Save
You'll want to do this for your center group and for the Site Visitor group. The Group Type of the Site Visitor group is "Built-In-Groups." Every site has this built-in group, which allows you to specify the security permissions for users that are not logged in.