If you are already displaying your 1099-MISC report, skip to step 7.

If you have not displayed your 1099-MISC report:
  1. In Mail > Forms, highlight 1099 Forms, and click New.
  2. Select the current year in the Generate 1099s for file report field and click Display Report.
  3. Click Next through the 1099 Setup Wizard, verifying the Payer TIN, Payer Information, and Tax Preparer Type and remaining screens.
    Note: You will not have to edit any State and Local Tax Items as they are not required for filing 1099s.
  4. On the Preparer grid, make any necessary changes to vendor amounts and click Next Step.
  5. On the 1099-MISC Printing and Filing Options screen, select the appropriate method and click Next through the remaining prompts.
  6. When your report loads, select Tools, Registration from the menu bar.
  7. On the Registration screen, highlight one of the rows and press Delete on your keyboard to remove all registration codes.
  8. Click Done.
  9. Close out of the 1099-MISC Report.
  10. Display the tax report again and you will be prompted to enter your company information to re-register Aatrix.
  11. Enter the appropriate information and click OK.
  12. At the next Prompt, click Register and view your new registration code.
  13. Click Done to continue processing your 1099s.