The Import Selections process starts outside of Altru. To use this feature one would need to create a .CSV document in Microsoft Excel containing the Altru Lookup IDs for the records in which you are querying on with the header column reading “Lookup ID.” No other columns or information is needed. Below are the instructions on how to import your list of Lookup IDs into Altru but please take note of the following:
  • This is not a constituent import or importing new constituents into Altru. This is importing a list of specific records that already exist in Altru.
  • Be sure to have the Import Selections System Role before moving on.
  • Please know you cannot import Constituent Lookup IDs with Member IDs in the same list. You must use one source of lookup IDs per list.
  • Be sure to mark the box to show this selection the Query Designer in order for us to pull in these records into query.
 1.From Analysis, click Import selections. The Import selections page appears.
 2.Under Tasks, click Add an import selection. The Add selection screen appears. For information about the items on this screen, see Add Selection Screen.
 3.Enter a unique name and description to help identify the selection.
 4.In the Record type field, select the type of records to include in the selection, such as Constituent or Revenue.
 5.To group the selection with similar query selections, in the Category field, select the type of query in which to group the selection. Your organization configures the available query categories.
 6.To use the selection in Query, select Show this Selection in the Query Designer.
 7.Under Import file information, browse to the *.csv file that contains the records to include in the selection.
 8.In the ID column field, select which column of the import file contains the record ID to use to identify records in the selection.
 9.For some record types, such as Constituent or Event, in the ID type field, you can select whether to use the system record or lookup ID. For the Constituent record type, you can also select “Alternate lookup ID” and select the type of alternate lookup ID to use.

For other record types, the import uses the system record ID.

 10.Click Save and Import. The program runs the process to import the *.csv file and generate a selection based on the selected record IDs.

The status page for the process appears so you can view the status of the process and whether it completes successfully. For information about the items on the status page, see Import Selections Process Status Page.