1. Log in as a supervisor or person who has permission to edit parts
  2. Browse to Site Explorer --> Parts
  3. Search part type of "Chapter Manager"
  4. Edit the Chapter Manager part whose email you wish to change
  5. Click the "Manager Tab"
  6. Observe that there is a section called "Email Editor" - This is where you may add\delete\edit existing email templates

Please note:

  • That these templates are NOT stored in Email --> Templates.  These templates are unique to the Chapter Manager system
  • All the same rules for creating an email message apply to this template.  You must include links to Email Preferences page and Privacy

    Design your email in the bulk email system first and test a few times to insure your design is exactly how you'd expect it to display in an email client.  After testing, copy the HTML code from the message in the bulk email system to the Chapter Email.