Addressee and salutation formatting is incorrect or removed in the RELO integration

Users report that addressee and salutation formatting in Raiser's Edge updates incorrectly after syncing to Luminate and back to the RELO integration. When an update to the Luminate record pushes to the plugin users must single process and reject the Luminate format to retain the correct Raiser's Edge formatting.

Example format: "John Doe and\ Jane Doe"

The RELO integration includes field mapping of the Raiser's Edge primary addressee and primary salutation fields. These fields sync bidirectionally as a text field between both databases.

Users are recommended to use the editable text format of addressee and salutation fields in Raiser’s Edge to retain the correct formatting. Raiser’s Edge has additional addressee/salutation configuration options that include customizable formatting that is not functionality that exists in Luminate Online. If an add/sal update is processed from RELO to a Raiser's Edge record with a format configured, the record will be updated with the text format and will drop the RE format.
To resolve formatting issues, users should update the add/sal fields to the correct text format or re-select the desired RE format each time a RELO update is processed.


 Raiser's Edge

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