I receive an Insufficient Privileges error in LCRM when trying to create certain types of donations after the 12.12.1 release.

After the 12.12.1 release I am receiving Insufficient Privileges errors when trying to enter some donations. I was able to enter these types of donations before the 12.12.1 release.
This issues is a result of replacing out of date S-Controls with standard VisualForce Pages.To fix this for affected profiles:
  1. Go to Setup.
  2. Expand “Manage Users” and choose “Profiles”.
  3. Click on the name of the affected profile. (Important: do not click “Edit” at this level. Just click on the name of the profile.)
  4. Scroll down to the area labeled “Enabled Visualforce Page Access”.
  5. Click “Edit”.
  6. In the left pane, look for pages that start with “cv.”.
  7. Move the following classes into the right pane. (Note: not all of these classes were added in the current release.  Some are from past releases where we replaced S-Controls, but it’s worth checking them if you’re looking at profiles.)
    •  cv.Account_Dupe_Check
    •  cv.AddSingleEventInvitation
    •  cv.CampaignCreateButton
    •  cv.Contact_Select_Record_Type
    •  cv.ContactSummary
    •  cv.CreateEventInvitation
    •  cv.CreateEventInvitationFromContact
    •  cv.CreateGiftAsset
    •  cv.Donation_Matching_Gift_Create_Button
    •  cv.Donation_Create_From_Event_Reg_Button
    •  cv.Donation_Create_InKind_Gift_Button
    •  cv.NewSingleDonation
    •  cv.PledgeCreateButton
    •  cv.RecurringGiftCreateButton
    •  cv.RecurringGiftPayment
    •  cv.TeamRaiserProgressWidget
    •  cv.VolunteerJobShiftCreateButton
  8. Click “Save”.



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