You can verify that your Luminate CRM instance has been updated by following these steps:

  • Login, click your login name upper right, select Setup
  • In the left navigation, click Installed Packages
  • Check that Luminate CRM shows Version Number 12.12.1
To complete the upgrade, you will need to click the Finish Upgrade button on the Utilities tab.  This will enable the new feature around TeamRaiser registrations for organizations that use TeamRaiser, but this feature will not be completely active until the Luminate Online v15.4 is deployed.

Until the Luminate Online v15.4 release is deployed on 4/21/15, some updates and new features in the new LCRM 12.12.1 release will have limited functionality. The following items will be fully available as soon as the 15.4 Luminate Online release goes live, but until then you will experience:
The new TeamRaiser Registration Fundraising Goals will not sync from Luminate Online to Luminate CRM.
Due to TeamRaiser Goals not syncing, the new TeamRaiser Registration chart will visible but will display “n/a” for the “Total Goal” and will hide the “% of Goal” field. 

Screenshot of chart before Luminate Online upgrade to v15.4:

Screenshot of chart after Luminate Online upgrade to v15.4: