If the administrator is able to view additional selections in the Content menu other than CMS, then it is because they were given Content Management permissions. The only permission that is needed for CMS is CMS Administration. The content permissions are only for content in Luminate Online, which is separate from CMS. Follow the steps below to view the given permissions in your admin group.
  1. Go to Constituent360 > select Groups
  2. Select the Administrator Group List tab
  3. Find your admin group and click Edit Permissions
  4. Click the Blue link at the top "View all permissions for [group name]"
  5. The Type of Permission should be CMS Management and the Permission Granted should be CMS Administration for all relevant security categories
  6. If there are any content permissions on this popup, such as Content - All Management, then it will need to be removed
  7. Click the dropdown menu next to "What type of permissions do you want to edit?" and select the Type of Permission that shows in the popup screen (e.g Content - All Management)
  8. If a Default Permission was set, than it can be changed here for all security categories
  9. If the permissions were given to specific security categories, then click Show all categories
  10. Adjust the permissions for the individual security categories to "No additional permissions (inherit from Any registered user)"
This will remove the admins ability to manage content in your Luminate site while still allowing them to do everything else in CMS. The CMS Administrator permission will allow the admin to see the CMS selection in the Content dropdown menu, but you may also need to grant them Author/Manager permissions to specific folders in CMS. You can either grant these permissions to an individual, or to a group.