Is there a limit to the amount that can be donated in one day per donor?

What is the maximum amount that each donor can text / donate per day
A donor can send a donation text multiple times a day, if they wish, up to the maximum of £30 for any day.
The amount to be donated can be changed if required, up to a maximum of £10 per text.

For example, if your keyword is GIVE and the default price point is set to £3, then when the donor texts GIVE to 70004, the default amount of £3 is collected.

If someone wishes to give £30 then they could send 10 x "default" texts with the keyword GIVE or he / she could send 3 x £10 texts.
When changing the amount to something other than the default value, it is important that the pound sign is included, therefore the text would be -
GIVE £10

If GIVE 10 is sent without the pound sign then, because there is no currency symbol, the 10 would be treated as a message and the default value of £3 would be collected.

If a donor wishes to donate more than £30 then this would need to be split over separate days with £30 being given on the 1st day and the remaining amount given on the subsequent day or days, depending on how much was being donated, in multiples of £30 per day.

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 version 3.2

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