Email package search in event invitations returns inconsistent results

 When users configure an invitation for an event, they can choose to send it by mail, email, or both.  After the type of mail is selected, users choose a corresponding package to send as the invitation.  The package can be selected when the invite is created, edited, or after clicking the "Send" button, right before confirming the invitation being sent.  

However, when an email package is being selected, different packages show up depending on where users are searching from.  If they search for an email package when adding or editing the invitation, they will see all email packages with both an export definition and an email message selected on them (this is configured in Marketing and Communications > Packages).  However, if users click "Send" on the email, and then go to the Processing options tab to select an email package, they will only see email packages with an export definition (but no email message) selected when they search.  

Steps to Duplicate:

1. Go to Marketing and Communications > Packages > View packages.
2. Add a new email package.
3. Enter a name, and choose to add a new Message to select.
4. In the Email Message Search, choose to add a new direct marketing email. Select any export definition for the email and click Continue.
5. Enter a name, subject, From Address, From Name, and insert a privacy page and email preferences page as hyperlinks into the email. Click ok, and save the email.
6. Save the email package once the Message and Export Definition fields are populated.
7. Add another new email package.
8. Enter a name, and select any direct marketing effort export definition (or create a new one).
9. Save the second package.
10. Go to Events and open any event record.
11. Go to the Invitations tab, and click Add to add a new invite.
12. Enter a name on the General tab.
13. On the Processing Options tab, choose to send through email only.
14. Click the search in the Email package field, and then click the Search button to see all the results. Note that both the packages you created show up.
15. Select any email package, and click Save to save the invite.
16. Expand the saved invite, and click Edit. Go to the Processing options tab and repeat step 14 - note that both packages still show up from the Edit screen. Close the invite.
17. Expand the invite, and click "Send."
18. From the send screen, click the processing options tab and repeat step 14 - now, note that the package with the email message does not show up.

We would expect that the same packages would be available in this search screen, regardless of whether we were trying to edit or create or send it.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.


 3.0.516 ; 4.0.138

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