Foreign address does not pull correctly into the 1099 Aatrix grid

When running 1099s for U.S. Vendors with foreign addresses, certain address fields are not auto populating into the foreign address columns in the 1099 Aatrix grid.
1.  Open the Vendor record and select the Addresses tab
2.  Open the primary address or address you want printed on the 1099's
3.  Un-mark the box, 'Synchronize with individual address fields'
4.  Ensure all address information is entered in the correct individual fields
5.  Click OK and Save and Close the Vendor Record
6.  Process the 1099's again making sure to select the Country code in the Preparer Grid

Note: If you are using a saved work-in-progress, the Preparer Grid will not update with this changed information in FE.  You will need to start over instead of selecting the work-in-progress.


 7.87.164, patch 0

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