Bulk Processing constituents on the Matched tab in the Luminate Online plug in creates new constituents instead of linking to Matched records

Users may find that constituent records from Luminate Online appear on the Matched tab, which means that the plug in has found a match for them on an existing constituent record in The Raiser’s Edge. When processing these records one at a time, a link to that existing constituent is created. When bulk processing, the plug in will instead create new constituents instead of linking to the existing.
When you would like to link Matched Constiutents on the Matched tab to the existing records in the RE database, be certain to use Single Processing to ensure the link is accurate.
Bulk Processing is designed to create new records when bulk processing the Matched constituents. This is because bulk processing is not as exact, since user intervention is not included and edits/changes to records in the plug in cannot be made when bulk processing. We prevent bulk processing from linking in mass like this to ensure that no unintentional record merging or data loss happens – this is why user intervention and single processing is required.



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