Add prospect assignments in bulk does not transfer the Primary Manager

When running the Manage prospect and plans in bulk tool for the Prospect assignment process if you are marking the option to transfer the Primary manager and the Prospect Manager, the primary plan manager doesn't transfer when using a selection.
Mark the selection being used within the process as a static selection.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a constituent query with the following criteria
Include records where: Prospect\Prospect Manager\Name is equal to [Prospect Manager with prospects assigned to him or her];
Result fields to display: Name, Lookup ID, and Prospect\Prospect Manager\Name
2. Preview results to ensure there are results
3. Create a selection
4. Go to prospects > Manage prospects and plans in bulk
5. Select the Prospect assignment processes tab
9. Add a new process
10. Give it a name and select "Reassign prospect assignments"
11. Choose your selection from above
12. In the prospects assigned to enter the name of the prospect manager
13. Choose any other fundraiser for the Assign to field
14. Mark all the checkboxes under transfer assignment details
15. Save the process and then Start the process
16. Search for a prospect from the selection and notice that the Primary plan manager hasn't changed.


 Blackbaud CRM

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