Error: An exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation

This error appears when trying to edit an opportunity. This occurs on multiple records.
This error was caused by a customization.

If an issue arises that is caused by a customization created by Blackbaud: 
Contact Support and provide the solution ID.

Include the following details in the case:
  1. What is the exact error/issue?
  2. What are the exact steps being taken to duplicate the problem?
  3. When did this error/problem start occurring? (Have any changes been made recently that may be related?)
  4. Has this particular module or feature ever functioned normally?
  5. Has this customization been transitioned to Support, or is it still being handled by Blackbaud Professional Services?
  6. Does this problem occur for all users (admin and non-admin)?
  7. What environment(s) is this occurring in (include Web Shell or Click Once)?

If an issue arises that is caused by a customization created by a member of your organization or a third party:
  1. Follow up with with whoever created the customization for a resolution. 
  2. If your organization has SDK Support - Contact Support and provide the solution ID.  The Customizations Support team can assist in reviewing and troubleshooting the customization.


 Version 4.0, SP 1

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