How do these fields calculate?
First Gift, Last Gift, and Largest Gift data will pull based on any Gift Type that is listed on the Constituent’s Gifts Tab in The Raiser’s Edge:
  • Cash, Pay-Cash, MG Pay-Cash, Stock/Property, Stock/Property (Sold), Pay-Stock/Property, MG Pay-Stock/Property, Pay-Stock/Property(Sold), MG Pay-Stock/Property (Sold), Gift-In-Kind, Pay-Gift-In-Kind, MG Pay-Gift-In-Kind, Other, Pay-Other, MG Pay-Other, and Recurring Gift Pay-Cash
YTD Gift and Lifetime Gift data will only include the following gift types:
  • Cash, Pledge, MG Pledge, Stock/Property, Stock/Property (Sold), Gift-In-Kind, Other, and Recurring Gift Pay-Cash
Note: We are not able to change the way the External Gift Fields in Luminate Online calculate.