Interaction Report for Sustainer Migration

  • From the options along the top of an Administrator page, click Data Management>Reports
  • On the Reports Classic list page, click the Report Writer tab.
  • Click Create a New Report, at the top of the page.
  • In the Report Selection dropdown select Interactions.
  • Select the Interactions Details Report, click Next.
  • Select any additional columns to be included in the report, and click Next, the default columns selected are:
·       First Name
·       Last Name
·       Accept Email
·       Email
·       Interaction Comment
·       Interaction Creation Date
·       Interaction Subject
·       Interaction Type Name
  • Order and Rename any of the columns as you deem appropriate, click Next.
  • Select Sort Order as you deem appropriate and click Next.
  • On the Configure Filters page, click Edit for the Interaction Creation Date Filter, adjust the date appropriately and click Save this filter.
  • Next click Edit on the filter Interaction Type.
  • Click on the hyperlink more… to select the interaction type.
  • In the search field enter Sustainer Migration, click Search.
  • Select the two interaction types: Sustainer Migration: Gift migrated with CCU Update, and Sustainer Migration: Gift migrated without CCU Update, click Apply, and Save this Filter.
  • Select any additional filters that you deem necessary, and click Next.
  • Label the report to distinguish from other reports in the list, select a Security Category, and add to a Report Folder if desired, then click Next.
  • Select to either Run Report or Save Report.
If you have selected to Save Report, then you will need to enter the Report Label in the search field to locate the report, and select Run Report.
  • Edit any necessary Runtime Parameters, Set Report Schedule, Select Share Report Results groups, Review Criteria Summary, and then select Run Report.
  • The different Interaction fields in your report indicate the following:
  • Interaction Comment: If the gift was updated with CCU, the new card information will appear here.  If not it will show that the gift was migrated successfully, and there was no CCU update.
  • Interaction Creation Date: This is the date the gift was migrated
  • Interaction Subject: Sustainer Migration Service will show as the subject for any gifts migrated through sustainer migration
  • Interaction Type Name: This will display as either Sustainer Migration: Gift migrated with CCU Update or Sustainer Migration: Gift migrated without CCU Update