When printing to the Citrix Universal Printer in the Hosted Environment, a temp file is opened on the client machine in Microsoft XPS Viewer when available.  The XPS Viewer is not native or installed on Windows XP machines and will open instead in the default web browser.  If the default web browser is Google Chrome, the browser is not able to open the file and will attempt to download the file(s).  The steps below will allow users to configure their Windows XP machine to open any XPS file in Internet Explorer, allowing users to then print the document.
  1. Click on Start > Control Panel
  2. Click on "Switch to Classic View" if necessary
  3. Click on Folder Options
  4. Click on the File Type tab
  5. Browse for XPS
  6. Highlight XPS and click Change
  7. Find Internet Explorer and click OK
  8. Click OK
If the above steps do not resolve the issue, Click Chat with Support and reference this article.