Primary and Inactive columns missing from REPhoneGrid API form controls in RE 7.94

In RE 7.94 the API form control REPhoneGrid no longer displays the Primary and Inactive columns. These were displayed in previous versions.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to reproduce the issue:
1. In VB, create a blank user form and drag and drop either the REControls7.REPhoneGrid or the REControls7b.REPhoneGrid from the toolbox
2. Enter the following code to initialize the form:

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

Dim oRec As CRecord
Set oRec = New CRecord
oRec.Init REApplication.SessionContext

oRec.Load 280
REPhoneGrid1.Init REApplication.SessionContext
Set REPhoneGrid1.PhoneCollection = oRec.PreferredAddress.Phones

'Tidy up
Set oRec = Nothing

End Sub

3. Execute the code and note that the form only shows DNCType and Number/Email Address columns. The Primary and Inactive columns no longer exist on this form but appears in the front end UI.


 7.94.6116, patch 1

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