Advocacy Products and Engineering have been closely monitoring deliverability percentages across the Advocacy targets and service. Currently, Luminate Advocacy is experiencing degraded deliverability with webform dispatches for specific targets. We have identified one contributing issue where webform mappings were being overwritten in the file system resulting in incorrect data that caused submissions to error or fail in some cases at a higher rate. As of the next Advocacy data kit the forms will be re-populated with correct mappings which will result in a marked improvement in deliverability. We have also taken steps to ensure that this data does not get overwritten in future Advocacy data kit. [UPDATE] This issue is resolved as of the Luminate Online 16.4 release

We are continuing to investigate our webform submission tools and services to ensure they are up to date and can correctly handle both the volume of dispatches and the configuration of each unique target webform. This is a resource intensive process and definitive timelines or expected results are currently not available. 

Other delivery methods are still operating as normal and have not been impacted, this includes targets who have been configured to use email or fax rather than webforms. 

We are treating this with the utmost urgency and priority to restore all delivery functions of Luminate Advocacy.

Our overall deliverability is our number one priority with Advocacy functionality.  Currently, deliverability to legislative targets has a 10 to 20 percent failure rate that is not within the control of the Luminate Online application.  The web forms or email addresses of the representatives either are not valid or working, or there is a barrier in the web form that does not allow for automation.  For these failures that do not allow for automation, and there isn't an available email address, Blackbaud's recommendation is to use the fax communication method, or direct your users to enter the data directly into the representatives' webforms.* 

Another communication method that Luminate Online uses with representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives is the Communicating with Congress initiative method.  Blackbaud was a key partner in the initiation and development of this connection method that allows for greater than 98% deliverability to participating representatives.  As of April 2016 the House of Representatives has moved all Reps to CWC initiative.  This initiative is outlined in this report:


 *In the case where a target has been marked as undeliverable, users submitting advocacy alerts to these targets will be directed to the webform via a link.