1. Confirm that the Windows Service "Blackbaud Education Edge Web Services"  is not running on any other machine.
2. Ensure in the firewall that port 443 is open to allow outbound HTTP connections.
3. Ensure TCP ports 9350 to 9354 are open in your firewall to allow outgoing TCP communication.
4. Ensure the Windows Service "Blackbaud Education Edge Web Services" is installed and running on the machine. 
5. Ensure the user has the appropriate permissions to the database:
a. Open Windows service manager by runing 'services.msc'.
b. Open 'Blackbaud Education Edge Web Services' and switch to the Log On tab. (The local system account is known as "NTAUTHORITY\System".) (Note: "NTAUTHORITY\System" is the default user, if they have changed this they need to ensure whichever user they've set is given the rights described below)
Web Services Properties

c. Ensure the user specified there has public access to log into SQL server and public access to the EE database(s). 
i. In SQL Server Management studio Object Explorer, connect to the server then Security > Logins > {USER.EN_US}
ii. Open the user and make sure public is checked: 

Login Properties

iii. On the User Mapping page, ensure the EE database has public access checked:
Public Access