Performance issues when calculating segment counts of a Marketing Effort after upgrading to 4.0

 After upgrading to 4.0, a user may notice that calculating segment counts on a marketing effort takes longer than normal. Performance in other areas leveraging query views may also be impacted.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

Query's that utilize filters may lead to poorly performing nested selects such as:
or [V_QUERY_CONSTITUENT\Addresses].[STATEID_TRANSLATION] in (select [dbo].[UFN_STATE_GETDESCRIPTION](N'ae6e6e11-a0c0-46b4-9e3a-8161b05bbd6e') union select [dbo].[UFN_STATE_GETDESCRIPTION](N'e443ccb3-d81e-4176-bfb7-92fee33ae8f0') union select [dbo].[UFN_STATE_GETDESCRIPTION](N'dc8f1901-16d5-4b18-8b6b-23baf36d4f9b'))))



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