Deleted emails in 7.93 appear in 7.94 following upgrade

After upgrading, deleted emails that were removed from a constituent record and any associated relationship are reappearing on a constituent's record in Version 7.94.
We are aware that a number of customers have been affected by this critical issue and we have deployed all possible resources to resolve. By subscribing to the Knowledgebase solution you will receive immediate updates on timelines and/or solutions as they are confirmed. We will continue to post general updates around the 7.94 release on our 7.94 landing page to ensure our clients have the most up to date information:

Based on evaluating various databases, we have found that this issue is actually related to the fact that Relationship contact information for specific constituents moved to the Phone Grids on the Bio 1 tab, as documented in this solution (BB755143). Phones that are appearing on the Phones Grid on constituent records are actually appearing from Relationships where that specific Constituent is listed as the Relationship. As an example: 

Bob Hernandez is a constituent in our database, and he has many relationships listed on his Relationships tab. However, it's completely possible that we have Bob Hernandez linked and listed as a Relationship on another constituent's Relationships tab, but that relationship is not reciprocated. If it is not reciprocated, it would not appear on Bob's Relationships tab. There are ways to find this data, if you have a backup of your 7.93 database to load. In your 7.93 database, you can run the following query to find other relationships that this phone or email could have come from:


  1. Create a New Constituent Query
  2. For the Criteria, select Relationships > Individuals > Specific Individual Record equals [Constituent in Question]
  3. For the Output, select: 
  • Constituent Information > Name
  • Relationships > Individuals > Name
  • Relationships > Individuals > Address > Phones > Phone Number

Run the query, and this will output all possible relationships where the phone number could have appeared in 7.93, and then would have been moved to the Phones Grid in 7.94. Again, this information can be found in a backup copy of your 7.93 database.



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