The Participant Center Donation Report pulls the values from the participant's address book to populate the columns in the report.  In order for the Donation Report to populate fully, the address book must be enabled on the event level.

To check this setting, follow these steps:
1.  Edit the TeamRaiser event
2.  Navigate to step 3. Event Options.
3.  Click Edit Advanced Options under the Related Actions list.
4.  Click step b. Edit Event Options.
5.  Scroll down to 11. Donor Addresses Displayed in Address Book and mark the checkbox for "Yes, display donor addresses in the Address Book of participants."

Please note that this will only update address book entries for new donors since the address book entry is created at the time of the initial gift.  Any existing donors will need to be updated manually in the participant's address book if the participant would like to have that information populated in the report.