A fundraiser will appear in Work Center under "change fundraiser" if the fundraiser has a RE user name in the database view and the following steps are completed:

To add a Fundraiser through the web view
1. Create a constituent record for the RE user in the database view
*Note* if the constituent record already exists skip to step two

2. Select the Mark as... Fundraiser option on a constituent record in the web view 
*Note* this will mark the solicitor button on the constituent record in the database view

3. When prompted, search for the RE user's name then click save
 *Note this will link the RE user record to constituent record in Admin > Security in the database view
Mark as

Additional notes:
  • A RE user does not need to have access to the web view in order for that fundraiser to appear in the drop down
  • A fundraiser in the  web view is the same as the solicitor in the Raiser's Edge database view.
  • If you want to remove a solicitor from appearing from the drop-down, mark the solicitor as inactive in the database view. 
  • For more information about Work Centers please visit the Set up Fundraising Work Center Help
  • Visit the Raiser's Edge NXT Community for additional information and interaction with other users.