The Work Center is designed for fundraisers who have an active portfolio of prospects to manage. It is possible for someone to marked as a Fundraiser (for example, a supporting staff member or a volunteer fundraiser) and not have access to a Work Center.

For a fundraiser to appear in the Change Fundraiser list, the following must be set up:
  1. Create a constituent record for the fundraiser. (Enter in the Database View.)
  2. Set up a Raiser's Edge user name for the fundraiser. (Enter in the Database View.)
  3. On the Raiser's Edge user name set up in step 2, link the constituent record created in step 1. (Enter in the Database View.)
  4. The same fundraiser's constituent record must be marked as a solicitor (in the Database View) or marked as a fundraiser (in the Web View). (Marking it in one view will update the other view.)

Additional notes:
  • Making a Raiser's Edge user name does not give that user access in the Web View. Adding a user to the Web View is a separate process.
  • "Fundraiser" in the Web View is the same as "Solicitor" in the Database View.
  • If you want to remove a solicitor from appearing from the drop-down, mark the solicitor as inactive in the database view. 
  • For more information about Work Centers please visit the Set up Fundraising Work Center Help
  • If fundraiser is not showing up in RENXT, verify that the users constituent record in database view is not marked "inactive"