Number of declined invitations does not match query summary count

When comparing the number of declined invitations on an event to the summary count in query, the values do not match.  
When adding a constituent to multiple invitation processes the query will pull the status from the latest invitation process they are included in.  

Steps to Duplicate

1. Add an invitation process to an event and add a constituent to that process
2. Send the invitation
3. Register the invitee
4. Add a second invitation process to the event
5. Add the same constituent used in above as an invitee and send the invitation
6. Mark the constituent as declinded within the invitation process
7. Select the Registrants datalist and filter the registration tab on invitation, declined
8. Note 0 results
9. Create a new event query with criteria of 'event lookup id = lookup id of event'
10. Add the Summary field to your output 'Summary\Number of declined invitees'
11. Note that you get 1 result



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