How to identify and correct records with mismatched EE primary and RE preferred addresses

When your Education Edge database is integrated with The Raiser's Edge, a record's EE primary address should be linked the RE preferred address. If the addresses are not linked correctly, this creates mismatched addresses and may result in duplicate addresses in both databases.

Addresses can also be mismatched when adding new address entries. When adding a new primary or preferred address, the former address should be copied to a new address record. Then the new address should be entered in the existing address record that is marked primary or preferred. For more information on this, see article 37825.

Also, when updating The Education Edge to version 7.87 patch 3 or higher and The Raiser's Edge to version 7.94 or higher, mismatched primary and preferred addresses may cause contact information to be deleted from primary addresses in EE. When RE is updated to version 7.94 or higher, contacts from all addresses on the RE record are consolidated on the Bio 1 tab. If there are duplicate contacts (both the contact type and phone number/email address/link are the same), the contact from the preferred address in RE is retained and the duplicate contacts from the alternate addresses are deleted. If a deleted duplicate contact is linked to the primary address in EE, that contact will be deleted from the primary EE address during synchronization. The contact entry that remains in RE is linked to an alternate address in EE. The contact is still present on the EE record but cannot be viewed from the Bio 1 tab.

Additionally, when updating to RE 7.94 or higher, contacts from alternate RE addresses are marked Inactive on the Bio 1 tab in RE. When synchronization runs, contacts marked Inactive in RE are removed from EE. If the addresses are mismatched, the contacts on the EE primary address are linked to an alternate RE address and therefore marked Inactive by the update and removed from EE during synchronization.

This solution explains how to identify and correct records with mismatched primary and preferred addresses using the Find Mismatched Linked EE Primary Address plugin.
Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article.

To identify records with mismatched addresses:

1. Log into the workstation as a Local Administrator on the machine that is used to run Integration. 
2. Download and save the MismatchPrimaryAddr.exe plug-in (see attachments at the end of this article), which creates a .CSV file listing all records with a Primary address in EE that is linked to a non-preferred address in RE. The plug-in is compatible with The Education Edge 7.87 and higher.
3. Save MismatchPrimaryAddr.exe to the local hard drive of any Education Edge workstation.
4. Double-click MismatchPrimaryAddr.exe.
5. When prompted, unzip the files into the \Financial Edge\Plugins folder on the workstation. MismatchPrimaryAddr.exe is a self-extracting zip file that contains the plug-in files: docMismatchAddr.vbd and MismatchPrimaryAddr.dll.
6. Register MismatchPrimaryAddr.dll on the workstation.
7. Have all other users Exit and sign out of The Education Edge.
8. If you have automatic synchronization enabled, temporarily disable the scheduled task.
9. Log into The Education Edge on the workstation with the plugin installed.
10. Click Plug-Ins >Miscellaneous from The Education Edge navigation bar.
11. Click Find Mismatched Linked EE Primary Address.
12. Browse to the folder where the .CSV file will be created.
13. Mark Create Log File.
14. Mark Run plugin.
15. Click Update.
16. Navigate to the folder selected in step 11 and open the .CSV file to review the affected records.
17. Re-enable automatic synchronization if it was disabled in step 8.

How to correct records identified by the plugin in preparation for Integration with RE 7.94 or higher
Warning: When updating from 7.93 to 7.94 or higher, it is imperative that records identified by the plugin are unlinked during the update. Leaving the records linked when updating from version 7.93 or lower may result in contacts being deleted from EE.
Warning: If your Integration is set up to add one spouse as a constituent and the other spouse as a nonconstituent Relationship in RE, you should unlink both records. Failing to do so may cause the nonconstituent spouse to be converted to a constituent if synchronization runs while the constituent spouse's record is unlinked.
Note: You may choose to disable automatic synchronization while correcting the records with mismatched addresses.

1. Open the linking grid and break the links for the affected records identified by the plugin (and their spouses if applicable, per the note above.)
2. Retain the results of the plugin and complete the update process. Review How to prepare for the update to the Raiser's Edge 7.95 when integrated with Education Edge for more information.
3. After updating to 7.94 or higher, open the EE record, mark the correct address as Primary. Review and delete the duplicate alternate addresses. Valid contact information should be moved to the primary address and valid alternate addresses may remain on the record. You may also merge duplicate addresses instead of consolidating them manually.
4. In RE, mark the correct address as Preferred, review and delete the duplicate alternate addresses. Valid alternate addresses may remain on the record.
Note: Contacts marked Inactive in RE will not be recognized by Integration. If you want to link any Inactive RE contacts to EE, you need to unmark the Inactive option before re-linking the record. If you do not unmark the Inactive option on a contact, re-linking the records may create a duplicate instance of the contact in RE (one instance of the contact will be active, the other inactive).
5. In the linking grid, highlight the row for the EE record. Right-click and select Search for a Match
6. Search for the RE record and click Open
7. In the Match Details screen, select the Addresses tab
8. Ensure that the primary address from The Education Edge is mapped to the preferred address in The Raiser's Edge. They should appear on the same line with "P" in front of each address.
Matched Addresses
9. Ensure that any valid alternate addresses are matched and set to link.
10. Click Link to link the records.

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