Try the following steps until the issue is resolved: 
  1. Go to Revenue > EFT > Credit Card Processing.
  2. Click on the green downward arrows next to your credit card process and click Edit.
  3. If using an existing batch, ensure that you have selected the correct batch number and verify that the pledge or recurring gift payment is in that batch.
  4. If using a new batch, ensure that pledge or recurring gifts are marked off.
  5. If the box is marked to only include payments in the following selection, ensure your pledge or recurring gift is in that selection.  Go to Analysis > Information Library.  Find the selection and view the results.  If it is not, edit the definition of the query and change the criteria to include it.
  6. In the payments due on or before option, ensure the date is correct.  If you are using a specific date, ensure the pledge or recurring gift date is equal to or after that date.
  7. Save the process.
  8. Go to Revenue > Batch Entry > Uncommitted Batches tab.  Ensure there is not a pending Enhanced Revenue Batch for Credit Cards open with authorized payments.  If there is, commit this batch.  The pledge or recurring gift will not pull into the credit card process unless the payments charged last times are committed and not in an open batch.