Starting point:
  • You are logged into the account or Virtual Account.
  • The FAF/CFAF, CMS, E-mail, Registrations, or Advocacy link appears under Dashboard:   
  1. Click the link for the dashboard you want to configure. The dashboard page appears and contains dashboard elements.
  2. Click the event list to display all events created in the account so you can select the event whose data to display in charts:
  3. You can enter the event’s name in the text box, or you can select the event from the event list. When you click to select an event from the list, click the down arrow to display events. The system displays 20 events at a time. You may need to click the down arrow in the event list several times to display the event you want to view.
  4. In the Select Property field, select the view mode for charts. For example, you can display data in charts by dollar amounts (Monetary), number (Count), or percentage (Percentage).
  5. Click Select. The charts update to display data for the selected event, and in the format specified.
Note: You cannot delete system-defined dashboard elements.