BBIS: Emails are not showing on constituent records in CRM

Typically, when an email is sent to a constituent via BBIS, a record of that email will be tracked on the Communications tab of the constituent record.  However, in some instances, emails sent from BBIS do not appear on the constituent record.  As a result, click throughs on those emails are not tracked either.


In this case, the issue was that the CMS data integration business process was not running and thus the records were not correctly updated. 

Ensure that this Business Process is running, and troubleshoot that issue if it is not.  

Possible issues:
  1. The schedule is not configured.  The schedule for this service is configured in BBIS > Administration > Sites & Settings > Schedule.
  2. By default, this sends over 500 pieces of data at each running.  If an email is sent to 50,000 recipients and the schedule is running every 60 minutes, it would take roughly 13 hours for all records to be updated with recipient info.  Thus, it is possible that the process hasn't "caught up" to the data that is pending.
  3. If the business process is not completing successfully, reference the Event Viewer on the BBAppFX web server and troubleshoot any errors logged.



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