Check report Definitions:
1. Go to Report Manager and select the report that is not printing correctly.
2. Click on Edit button.
3. Click on the Rows tab and make sure the Description Printing box is set to "Standard Description Printing".

 If you want to have the report set up to "Pull from Descriptive Account", verify a descriptive account (DS) exists and that the description on the account is correct.

 Run a Chart of Accounts report for the account number in question.  For example, if the account printing the wrong description is A01 00-01 6100, run a CHART for Axx xx-xx 6100.

 Example of report output:
 DS 00 00 00 6110 Salaries and Wages
 EX 03 00 00 6110 Telephone Expense
 EX 04 01 00 6110 Overtime Pay
 EX 02 01 00 6110 Payroll Taxes

 If your report is set to pull from descriptive accounts, any of the above accounts will be printed with "Salaries and Wages", the description on the DS account.  If the DS account description is incorrect, modify the account.  If the DS account does not exist, add it.