This is usually due to the types of groups being calculated, especially if the Target Audience or Do Not Send groups are generated by a query that is set to rebuild during delivery. To determine whether or not this is the cause for your email delay, view the Groups associated with your email and determine which are generated by a query by going to:
  1. Constituent360 > Groups
  2. Search for the desired group by name. If you see ( ! ) next to the group, it is generated by a query > click Edit
  3. Click "Edit Query" from the Group Information page
  4. If the query has more than five clauses, you should consider what filters are being used and why, as large query based groups can cause delays for audience calculations.

Below are some best practices for using rebuildable groups with email deliveries:
  1. Do not add query clauses to filter out constituents based on Hard Bounce status, or Accept Email status, or System Active Status. This is because Luminate Online will automatically filter these users out of your email (Inactive user, Bad email status, Opted out of Email). Adding these clauses will simple add more time to the calculation process.
  2. Avoid using rebuildable groups within other rebuildable group queries. Aside from potentially causing delays to your group rebuilds, this can lead to groups being caught in a "query loop". This occurs when multiple query-based groups are included within a query, and can result in the system never being able to generate the group members.
  3. If you are using rebuildable groups with large queries associated with them, and cannot reduce the number of query clauses or groups being used with the email, try choosing to rebuild the groups ahead of time, rather than at the time of delivery. While you might risk the groups not being 100% up-to-date at the time of the delivery, you can ensure that the message is not delayed due to "Audience calculation".
Remember that, for every query clause included in a rebuildable group, the system has to go through every constituent record in the Constituent360 database to determine whether or not that person should be included in that group. While Luminate Online is fully equipped to handle such tasks, it is important to understand how much information has to be sifted through. This is why delays can occur when multiple rebuildable groups are being rebuild at the same time, with very long and complex queries.