Error: Object Variable or With block variable not set - when processing a gift in Luminate Online plug in

Users may receive an error when processing a gift in the Luminate Online plug in: 

Error: Object Variable or With block variable not set

This error occurs for only one gift, preventing it from being processed.
This issue was resolved in the March 2016 update of the Raiser's Edge Luminate Intergation plugin. Please update to the latest version of the plugin to resolve.

Alternative Solution:
  1. Unlink and relink the gift to the proper donor Constituent record, and unlink and relink Tribute information if applicable
  2. Reject the gift from the plug in, and dirty the gift to re-send it to the plug in (this can be accomplished by reaching out to Luminate Online Support, or by changing the donor on the gift in Luminate Online and changing it back.)



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