Matching gifts created from payments in a Enhanced Revenue Batch do not copy Marketing data from payment to matching gift when committed

When using the Enhanced Revenue Batch, Payments entered will have Matching Gifts created for them, when there is a Matching Gift relationship with the constituent.

(Please note: The following steps to duplicate contain SELECT SQL statements. Please remember to consult a SQL Server admin for help, and as well to use at your sole discretion.)
Steps to duplicate this in version 2.94:

  1. Have Matching gift options use automatically create matching gift claims
  2. Create Finder Number for constituent
  3. Add Relationship to constituent that matches gifts (employer/employee)
  4. Go to Revenue > Payment, search for constituent via finder number. Make sure Marketing tab at bottom has source code/appeal/effort.
  5. On payment screen click "Matching Gifts" tab
  6. Click "Match amount" column link for payment we just made
  7. Pull the recordId value out of the URL and use it in the following SQL statement in SSMS:
  8. SELECT [ID]
      where ID = 'PUT-RECORDID-HERE'
    • Note single record returned shows values for SOURCECODE, APPEALID and MAILINGID
  9. Go to Revenue>Batch Entry
  10. Click Add
  11. Set:
    • Batch template = Enhanced Revenue Batch
    • Projected amount = 50.00
    • Click Save
  12. In batch, add "Finder Number" field if it is not already present
  13. Search for constituent with Finder Number
    • Fields populate
  14. Set remaining fields:
    • Amount to 50.00
    • Set any date
    • Set Revenue type = Payment
    • Set Payment method = Cash
    • Set Application = Donation
    • Set a Designation
  15. Scroll to right and note that Appeal, Source code and Effort are filled out
  16. Click Revenue tab > Matching gifts at top of batch
    • Note Matching gift present for Matching Org
    • Click Okay
  17. Update Projected Totals
  18. Validate
  19. Save and Close
  20. Commit batch: only check "Check for duplicate constituents", click Start
  21. When completed, go to Constituent record
  22. Go to Revenue and Recognition
  23. Go to Recognition History tab
  24. Find payment made via batch, click on link in "Revenue type" column
  25. Go to Matching Gifts tab
  26. Click on link in Match Amount column
  27. Pull the recordId value out of the URL and use it in the following SQL statement in SSMS:
  28. SELECT [ID]
      where ID = 'PUT-RECORDID-HERE'
  29. Note:
    • SOURCECODE field is empty
    • APPEALID and MAILINGID fields are both NULL
 We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.



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