Use this procedure to set up credits and debits for an event participant. 
You must first setup credits and debits, and then apply them through Bookkeeping for the event.
Step 1: Set up credits and debits
  1. Highlight the event’s name and then select Website Info.
  2. In the Event Website Creation Checklist page, click Credits and Debits under Event Customization.
  3. In the Credits and Debits page, perform the following steps:
  4. For Step 1, select Credit to set up a credit, or Debit to set up a debit.
  5. Note: A credit will appear as an increase to the participant’s total fundraising amount, and a debit will decrease the total amount.
  6. For Step 2, enter a name for the credit or debit item. Use names that are meaningful (for example, Credit for Jane Participant).
  7. For Step 3, specify whether the credit or debit is a fixed amount (static). Select Yes for Static amount if it is fixed, and then enter the amount. If you select No, you will have the opportunity to enter the amount when you apply the credit or debit.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Verify that the new credit or debit item is added to the bottom of the Credits and Debits page.
  10. Click Webinfo Checklist in the Breadcrumb.
  11. Verify that Credits and Debits contains a check mark.
  12. Apply the credit or debit as described below.
Step 2: Apply credits and debits
  1. Click Kintera Thon in the Breadcrumb, or select Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon.
  2. Highlight the event’s name and then select Bookkeeping.
  3. Click Manage Initiative Records.
  4. Verify that the Participants option is selected for Show Me.
  5. Search for the participant, or click Show All to view all participants.
  6. Locate the participant in the list, and then click Edit. The Edit Participant page appears, showing fundraising activities for the participant you selected.
  7. Select the Apply/Edit Credits & Debits tab.
  8. In the resulting page, click Add.
  9. In the pop-up window, select the credit or debit you want to apply.
  10. Note: If when you set up the credits and debits you did not specify static amounts, you can enter the amount in the pop-up window.
  11. Click Save, and then click the link in the pop-up window to update the information and close the window.
  12. If applicable, click Retry in the message box to return to the Edit Participant page.
  13. Select the General Information tab.
  14. Verify that the credit or debit was applied to the participant’s total fundraising amount. The entry will be reflected in Miscellaneous Credits. A credit will result in an increase to the Current Balance, and a debit will result in a decrease to the balance.