If you coded 100% of the content using the WYSIWYG Editor, then it should display accurately in the WYSIWYG, however, if you have custom content that was coded by scratch (HTML), then it may not recognize some of the tags that are being used. It is possible that these tags will be stripped out if the content is viewed in the WYSIWYG editor. For this reason it is always advised to view content in the Plain Text editor by default. To ensure all HTML content areas display in the Plain Text Editor by default
  1. In Luminate Online click your admin name in the upper right corner
  2. Un-mark the 1. Use WYSIWYG editor for editing HTML
If you alter from the Plain Text editor to the WYSIWYG editor it is possible that content will be immediately stripped out. For this reason it is always advised that you copy the code from the Plain Text Editor to a txt editor, or version your pages to ensure you have the option of reverting back. It's important to note that the WYSIWYG Editor is simply a rough interpretation of the HTML code on the back end. The preview page may also display differently after Luminate has rendered the content from the PageWrapper/Stationery, or other components such as a reusable PageBuilder page.