The login page is what is known as a "Standard Page" in Luminate and there isn't much that can be changed there. The login page will display the default Page Wrapper for the General security category.

Follow the steps below to find this:
  1. Go to Setup > select Page Wrapper Editor
  2. Under the Security Category column, look for General with Default written below it
  3. This is the Page Wrapper that the login page is using
If you would like to change the Page Wrapper for the login page, follow the steps below:
  1. On the Page Wrapper Editor screen, click Edit Attributes next to the Page Wrapper that you would like to be used for the log in screen
  2. Go to step 2. Set default for security category
  3. Mark the checkbox under "Set Category Default Page Wrapper"
  4. Click Finish
Note: If there are any other pages in your site using the default wrapper for the General security category, then it will change the wrapper for those pages as well.