1. If some participants are new, be sure to check for and process their Constituent records from Constituent Information in the plug in. All Participants created from Team Raiser must have Constituent records.
  2. In Gifts and Registrations in the plug in, the registration fees and additional donations and/or upsells for each participant will appear
  3. Ensure the linked information for the Constituent, Event, and Funds are accurate
  4. If the Fund(s) for the Gift appears more than once, this may be because the participant paid for both registration fees and an additional donation/upsell. Additional Donations/Upsells can have separate cross referencing in Team Raiser.
  5. On the Registrations tab, Attributes that will be added to the Participant record can be reviewed. This information cannot be changed in the plug in. Discounts, Upsells, Team information, and Participations types can be viewed here before bringing the registration into a batch.
  6. After ensuring all information is correct and properly linked, process the donations into a batch.
  7. When the batch is committed, a participant record will be created automatically with the registration fees and additional donations linked to the Event.

Note: Some donations may download as Free Registrations. These will create participant records, but will not have Gifts linked on the Registration Fees tab. This can occur for any registration without fees and will also occur for multi-registrations, or Guests.