The time zone used to establish the mirrored event time is determined by the Company Business Hours setting in Luminate CRM.  Many sites are using the default value for the Business Hours time zone, which is Pacific Standard TIme.  The default time zone for Luminate Online, however, is Central Standard Time, which can result in a two hour difference in the event times between the two systems. 

We recommend updating the Company Business Hours in Salesforce to match the time zone of Luminate Online (usually CST) to resolve this issue.  Here are the steps to update the Company Business Hours setting:
  1. Navigate to Setup
  2. Click Company Profile
  3. Click Business Hours
  4. Update the time zone and click Save.
Please note that each user has a profile setting that controls the time zone used to the display times when viewing records in Luminate CRM.  If your account is set up to use another time zone (such as EST), then you could be seeing event times that are different by one or three hours instead of two hours.  To check the time zone on your profile:
  1. Navigate to Setup
  2. Click My Personal Information
  3. Click Personal Information
If your Salesforce profile is using a different time zone than your Luminate Online site, there will always be a difference between the event times in the two systems.  For example, an event starting at 8pm CST would display as 8pm in Luminate Online and 9pm in Luminate CRM. 

If you are currently logged into Luminate Online when making these changes in Salesforce, you will need to log out and log back in so that you can pull the new value into your session.