After running the Unconfirmed Gifts Report in Reports Classic, the View link may produce a blank screen. An alternative solution would be to run a Gift Details report in Report Writer.
  1. Go to Data Management > select Reports
  2. Select the Report Writer tab
  3. Click Create a New Report
  4. Click the Report Selection dropdown menu > select TeamRaiser
  5. Mark Gift Details as the report type and click Next
  6. Mark all of your desired columns, but be sure to include Offline Status under the Gifts section
  7. Skip to step 5. Configure Filters
  8. Click Edit for the Event filter and then click more...
  9. Mark the desired TeamRaiser(s) in the popup and click Apply
  10. Click Save this filter
  11. Click Create a filter
  12. Click the top dropdown menu > select Gifts
  13. Click the dropdown menu below > select Offline Status
  14. Type "unconfirmed" in the empty space (without quotes) and click Add this filter
  15. Click Next and give the report a name
  16. Click Next and you can either Save Report, or Run Report
This report will produce all gifts that are unconfirmed for the TeamRaiser(s) that you specified in the filter.