To reprint previously completed 1099 forms, follow the steps below on the workstation you originally processed 1099s. If you are hosted, you may perform the following steps on any workstation as Aatrix files are stored in your Files Folder:  Click here to set up Files Folders.

1. In Accounts Payable, click Mail
2. Click 1099 Forms
3. Click New or open your saved parameter
4. Choose the compeleted year in the 'Generate 1099s for' drop down
5. Fill in contact information
6. Click Display Report
7. From the 1099 History File Options screen, select the action of Reprint Completed 1099s
8. Click Next
9. From the Reporting Options screen, select the reports you would like to print
Note: If a report is grayed out, the system does not recognize it as completed and you must use the History File action of eFile or Print Incomplete 1099s
10. Click Next to display the report
Note: If you mark to reprint recipient copies, there is an additional prompt where you select for which vendors you would like to reprint. After making your selection(s), click Next to be taken to the report(s).
11. Click Print Final
12. Click Next Step if you have more than one report to print