Once you have completed your 1099s, fully or partially, you will have the options to reprint completed forms, correct completed forms or finish incomplete forms. These options are displayed in the History File Options window which opens after clicking Display Report for a year you have already filed. If this window does not launch, please follow these steps in order:

1. Confirm you are on the same workstation which you filed 1099s. Aatrix is locally installed and stores past filings on the specific workstation.
Note: If your application is hosted, this step is not applicable as the files save within your Files Folder.
2. Exit the Financial Edge, right click the Financial Edge, Run the application as an Administrator and re launch report.
Note: If your application is hosted, this step is not applicable.
3. If the 1099 Wizard displays, click Next through the Wizard. The History File Options may display after the 1099 Wizard rather than the 1099 grid.  

If the above steps do not enable the 1099 History File Options screen to display, Contact Support and reference this article.