When choosing the History File Option of Correct Completed 1099s, you will receive a message preventing you to move forward if no modifications have been made within the 1099 Grid. Actions that constitute 1099 corrections are: updating payer information, changing vendor box amounts, changing vendor contact information, changing the vendor tax payer ID, removing a vendor and/or adding a new vendor. You may note which items have changed by the following formatting changes:

1. When changes have been made within a cell, the cell's text will display in blue.
2. If payer information has changed since filling, all column headings and row numbers will display with a green background.
Note: If payer information has been changed since filing, it will show all vendors as being corrected since this changes the information in the Payer's box. 
3. If a Vendor has been added, the background of the row number will be blue.